screen-shot-2017-05-27-at-1-20-11-pm.pngCreso Sá organized a panel on The Ecology of Entrepreneurship Learning in Higher Education, to be held at Congress 2017.

Day/time: Tuesday, 14:30 – 15:45

Place: Eric Pallin Hall (EPH) 142, Ryerson University

The Symposium will comprehend four interactive sessions:

1. How do entrepreneurship programs promote themselves?

Roger Millian, Marc Gurrisi | University of Toronto

In this session, participants will consider the attributes and value propositions entrepreneurship programs articulate to students through their promotional materials.

2. Why do students join entrepreneurship programs and what do they seek to achieve?

Donna Heslin | University of Toronto-Mississauga

This session will present findings of a survey of students participating in entrepreneurship programs in colleges and universities. The survey investigates the reasons why students join entrepreneurship programs, as well as the outcomes they intend to achieve

3. The role of experiential learning in entrepreneurship programs

Christopher Holt | University of Toronto

This session will engage participants in a discussion about the role of experiential learning in the curriculum of entrepreneurship degree programs, based on a review of current practice in Ontario universities and colleges. Participants will contemplate how different models of experiential learning have been embedded in the curriculum.

4. Assessing entrepreneurship learning outcomes

Linda Vranic, Alon Eisenstein & Emina Veletanlic | Impact Centre, University of Toronto

This session will engage participants in a discussion on structured assessments of learning outcomes from participation in non-curricular entrepreneurship activities. The discussion will center on the design and implementation of assessment tools and how to ensure that we are preparing students for the opportunities that lie ahead, both nationally and globally.

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