Congratulations to Dr. Holt!

On Nov 25, Christopher Holt successfully defended his doctoral thesis, “Exploring the Entrepreneurial Identity Development of University Students”. Through interviews with students at three universities, the thesis shows how students create entrepreneurial identities in response to many forces that “pull” and “push” them towards entrepreneurship.

Dr. Holt is Associate Director of the Masters in Business, Technology, and Entrepreneurship at the University of Waterloo Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business.

The uncertain shelf life of the Fundamental Science Review

The report of the Fundamental Science Review panel, chaired by former University of Toronto president David Naylor, has been a touchstone in the science policy debate over the past two years. Science advocates, researchers and academic leaders have buttressed calls for greater federal investments in research on the detailed analysis of funding gaps and needs put forward in the report. Read full text.

Monica participates in panel on PhD careers

Daniel Munro, Reinhart Reithmeier, Simona Chiose, Monica Munaretto, and Jonathan Turner

Monica Munaretto was a panelist at the PhD Career Outcomes: Research Results & Future Directions event organized by the University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies and the Career Exploration & Education unit on Thursday, November 29, 2018. The event considered questions including: What is the value of a PhD? Where are PhDs employed? What does this tell us about career development programming for PhDs? What can you as a PhD student, potential PhD student, postdoctoral fellow, or professor do to support flexible career development?