Check the thesis projects of our alumni.

Magdalena Martinez

PhD Candidate in Higher Education | Policy Analyst, Council of Ministers of Education, Canada

Magda’s doctoral research examines the outreach mission of Brazilian universities. She holds an MA in Social and Cultural Anthropology from Concordia University and an Honours BA in Anthropology and International Development from McGill University. Magdalena’s LinkedIn.

Summer Cowley

PhD Candidate in Higher Education | Data analyst, Public Service Commission of Canada

Summer’s doctoral research examines university president career stratification and university prestige in Canada and the United States. Her broader research work looks at university academic administrators’ careers, and the success and career outcomes of universities’ faculty and graduates. She is the current Managing Editor of the Canadian Journal of Higher Education and has worked as a research analyst at organizations studying higher education and public K-12 systems. Summmer’s LinkedIn and Twitter.

Emina Veletanlic

PhD Candidate in Higher Education | Grant Development Specialist, York University

Emina’s research interests are at the intersection of science, innovation and higher education, including science policy and how postsecondary institutions engage with public and private partners for the purpose of innovation. She received her BASc in Engineering Science (Nanoengineering) and MSc in Chemistry from the University of Toronto. Emina’s LinkedIn and Twitter.

Monica Munaretto

PhD Candidate in Higher Education | Manager, Graduate Student Life, Western University

Monica’s research focuses on the career paths of doctoral students and institutional activity supporting doctoral students’ preparation for careers outside the professoriate. Monica has extensive experience in student affairs, and she has also been a sessional instructor in Classical Studies and Archaeology for over a decade. Monica holds an MA in Classical Archaeology from the University of British Columbia, and an MEd in Higher Education from OISE. Monica’s LinkedIn.

Cheryl Mitchell

PhD Candidate in Higher Education | Professor, Entrepreneurial Enterprise, Humber College

With a passion for entrepreneurship and post-secondary education, Cheryl has worked with many entrepreneurs who are looking to start, scale and grow their ideas and businesses. Cheryl is currently a professor and Acting Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship at Humber College. Cheryl holds a Masters of Business Administration from Athabasca University and a Master of Education from Acadia University. Cheryl’s LinkedIn.

Dave Mammoliti

PhD Candidate in Higher Education | Director, Executive Programs at DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University

Dave’s role at McMaster University oversees program innovation and building strategic partnerships for the Executive Programs division of the DeGroote School of Business. Given the significant expansion of micro-credentials within US institutions, the focus of Dave’s research explores the response from Canadian Business Schools to offering micro-credentials within their program portfolios. Dave has a Masters in Education from Brock University specializing in Administration and Leadership in Higher Education. Dave’s LinkedIn.

Naomi Eichenlaub

PhD Candidate in Higher Education | Librarian, Ryerson University

Naomi’s research interests are at the intersection of higher education, academic libraries and research support. Naomi has a Bachelor of Arts in French Language and a Masters in Library and Information Studies, both from the University of British Columbia. Naomi’s ORCID.

Ahmet Su

PhD Student in Higher Education

Ahmet’s doctoral studies at the University of Toronto focuses on International and Comparative higher education studies and policies. He previously worked as a teacher, language instructor and research assistant, and conducted studies on K-12 education and educational policies. Ahmet holds a PhD degree in Educational Administration and Supervision from Akdeniz University (Turkey) and MA degree in Educational Sciences from Afyon Kocatepe University (Turkey). Ahmet’s Twitter, Linkedin, and ResearchGate.

Jana Macalik

PhD Student in Higher Education | Associate Professor, OCAD University

Jana is investigating (de)differentiation in the context of specialized art & design universities in Canada, particularly the provincial differentiation frameworks that have posed a challenge to the unique model of art and design schools in higher education; among them, the economics of higher education being unfavourable to the studio-based approach. She holds a Master of Architecture and a Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies from Dalhousie University.

John Lam

PhD Student in Higher Education | Entrepreneurship & Innovation Specialist, City of Mississauga MBEC

John’s research interests lie in entrepreneurship education, focusing on the role that educators play in influencing student entrepreneurial intentions, behaviour, and learning. John has over 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education at various higher education institutions, He holds a Master of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology (MBET) from the University of Waterloo. John’s LinkedIn.

Lisa Anketell

PhD Student in Higher Education | Program Consultant, Humber College ITAL

Lisa’s research focus is in quality assurance in innovative programs and projects in higher education, with a particular affinity for social innovation. She has more than 10 years of experience developing new academic programs in the Ontario college system, as well as experience in program review, renewal, and international development project management. Lisa holds a M.Ed. in Adult Education and Community Development with a collaborative program in Comparative, International and Development Education from U of T/OISE, and a B.A. Honours in Sociology from Queen’s University. Lisa’s LinkedIn

Kasey Dunn

PhD Student in Higher Education | Program Manager, Centre for Entrepreneurship, Humber College & Co-Founder, HOPE Pet Foods

Kasey Dunn is a serial entrepreneur with a research focus on entrepreneurial education for the empowerment of equity-seeking groups. When not working on her own startup, she supports change-makers from the Humber community through programs and advising at the Humber Centre for Entrepreneurship. Kasey holds a Masters of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Queen’s University. Kasey’s LinkedIn.

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