Amy Lemay and Andrew Kretz presented papers at the 2012 ASHE annual conference

Amy Lemay and Andrew Kretz presented papers at the 2012 Association for Study of Higher Education (ASHE) Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA). In one of the papers, The Uptake of University Research in Public Policy: The View of “Users” in a Public Health Unit, authors Amy Lemay and Creso Sá report on an ethnographic study of how research is used in programmatic decision making. While the literature usually highlights the lack of knowledge and capacity of users to access and use research, this study identifies the strategies of “active users” in the Public Health context to utilize research. The study was part of the project Linking research to its uses: Making sense of how decisions are informed by research, sponsored by the Mitacs Accelerate program and CASRAI.

In the other paper, Canada-U.S. Ties and University Technology Transfer, authors Creso Sá, Andrew Kretz and Kristjan Sigurdson reveal how Canadian technological nationalism was an important factors shaping how technology transfer was practiced, organized, and legitimated between the early 20th century through the 1970s at the University of Toronto. The study is part of the project The Institutionalization of Technology Transfer in Canada.


Creso Sá is a Distinguished Professor of Science Policy, Higher Education, and Innovation at the University of Toronto. He is also Chair of the Department of Leadership, Higher & Adult Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE).

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