Research Team Alumni

Christopher Holt, Ph.D. 2019
Thesis title: Exploring the Entrepreneurial Identity Development of University Students

Laurie-Ann Rancourt, Ph.D. 2019
Thesis title: Who Decides and Why it Matters: Institutions, Differentiation and Northern Rural Higher Education

Amy Lemay, Ph.D. 2018
Thesis title: The Role of Expectations of Science as Promissory Discourses in Shaping Research Policy:  A Case Study of The Creation of Genome Canada

Helen Lasthiotakis, Ph.D. 2017
Thesis title: How Open Data Entrepreneurs Advance Institutional Change

Julieta Grieco, M.A. 2015
Thesis Title: Fostering Cross-Border Learning and Engagement through Study Abroad Scholarships: Lessons from Brazil’s Science Without Borders Program

Andrew Kretz, Ph.D. 2015
Thesis Title: Exploring the Effects of Postsecondary Experience on STEM Majors’ Attitude Towards Entrepreneurship.

Darren Deering, Ph.D. 2014
Thesis Title: Responsibility Center Budgeting and Responsibility Center Management: Implications for Internal Structure and Strategic Management of North American Universities.

Kristjan Sigurdson, M.A. 2013
Thesis Title: The Rise and Fall of the University of Toronto’s Innovations Foundation: Lessons from Canadian Technology Transfer

Merli Tamtik, Ph.D. 2013
Thesis Title: Expertise and Policy Learning – The Case of EU’s Research Policy

Patricia Gaviria, Ph.D. 2013
Thesis Title: Inuit Self-Determination and Postsecondary Education: The Case of Nunavut and Greenland.

Aisha Khaja, M.A. 2012
Thesis Title: Exploring the Evolution of Credit Transfer Policy: Implications on the Role and Interplay Between Colleges and Universities.