Expertise and Evidence in Policy Making for University Research

Creso Sá presented at an international conference sponsored by the Faculty of Education at York University in Toronto, Canada on March 15-17, 2012. The conference, Policy Formation in Post-Secondary Education: Issues and Prospects in Turbulent Times, hosted leading thinkers from around the world to discuss university policy formation in the context of recent global economic change.  Creso presented the paper Expertise and Evidence in Policy Making for University Research, based on a study by Creso, Merli Tamtik, and Andrew Kretz that explored the ways research funding agencies use evidence and expertise to develop policies and programs.

Linking research to its uses – Mitacs Accelerate Internship

In late 2011, Amy Lemay was awarded a Mitacs Accelerate internship. From January to April 2012, Amy will be working with the Consortia Advancing Standards in Research Administration Information (CASRAI) to explore questions related to the ways in which policy and practice decisions are informed and how research can be linked to its uses. CASRAI will use the results of this research to improve its evolving catalogue of data elements for measuring the societal impact of research. for more information on this project, see the full project description in the Projects section.

Three New Campuses for Ontario: A Symposium on Options, Challenges, Possibilities

On Tuesday, February 7, the Higher Education Group at OISE held a seminar focusing on the Government of Ontario’s commitment to support three new undergraduate campuses in the province. A number of questions will be addressed such as: Are these campuses needed? What types of campuses should be created? What are the implications for the Ontario system?

As Program Coordinator of the Higher Education Program, Creso chaired the final session of the afternoon entitled: Options, Challenges and Possibilities: Moving Forward.

Seminar Details

Time: Tuesday, February 7 – 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Location: OISE Library (Ground Floor), 252 Bloor St. W.